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What is slow fashion?

What is slow fashion and the slow fashion movement? The term slow fashion was coined by researcher and design activist Kate Fletcher, it describes an emerging segment within the fashion industry designed to address the extreme social and environmental costs of its alternative - fast fashion. There is no exact definition of slow fashion, it varies depending on which part of the fashion supply chain is being examined (or exposed), but at its core, slow fashion broadly describes innovative, transparent, environmentally conscious design processes that enhance a more dignified connection between producers and consumers. An important thing to note though, especially from the consumer side of things, slow fashion is more about common sense than complex solutions. The slow fashion...

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Fashion and mental health: It’s time to mend our mess.

Photo Credit: @india_stibilj x the syndicate A recent study conducted by the US Center for Disease Control, which compared suicide rates among occupations, confirmed a strong correlation between working in the fashion industry and developing mental illnesses (we see you nodding fashion friends). The fashion industry has a problem. But what we also need to talk about is the strong relationship between fashion consumption and mental health. All markets are two sides of the same coin, so let’s go beyond the business side for a moment and start talking how you, the consumer, can create greater wellbeing through your relationship with fashion.Our fashion habits may well be a mirror to our thoughts. I read a simple statement recently, ‘a resilient...

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Act with Dignity - For a Change.

Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it's the only thing that ever has. Margaret Mead The United Nations Declaration of Human Rights was written nearly 70 years ago and at its core is the recognition that when we value the inherent dignity (from Latin; dignitas: worthiness) of every human we will create a world of freedom, justice and peace. Little wonder it is the most translated document on earth, its message holding universal value. But whilst the tenets of the Declaration are paramount to a life worth living, they also reflect a thinking that has reached its limit. When the Declaration was written it was enshrined in a belief that a person's...

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