The Possibility School

The Possibility School is our way of sharing an innovative social justice platform with Australian school communities. We offer a mindset of creative thinking and hands on projects that can be easily used to reimagine solutions to some of our most difficult problems. According to Australia’s most important survey on the health and well being of our youths*, their greatest concern is how to cope with stress, our work with slum communities has opened us to attitudes of natural resilience, which have been used to cope with and transform adversity into greater possibilities. We tailor our many engagements to provide opportunities for the entire school body to remember their natural resilience and use it to create greater social justice for all.

*Mission Australia Youth Survey

As an introduction to our work, we have loaded curriculum ideas on our solutions page, each resource is designed for school communities to learn how principles of social entrepreneurship can be applied to every aspect of problem solving, from curriculum to mental health and service based activities. Your school can be directly engaged in our work in a number of innovative ways. We warmly invite students, teachers and parents who are motivated to be creative change makers in their community to contact us for more information, or sign up for monthly updates on the work of The Possibility Project.

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Kim Pearce has 20 years teaching experience inspiring high school thought leaders and changemakers, Kath and Kim facilitate mindfulness and meditation sessions, speak on inspired resilience and can work directly with student leaders who want to bring an entrepreneurial approach to social justice.