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The Possibility Project has had the privilege of working with many schools and local community groups to deliver a range of innovative engagements that promote adaptive mindfulness for social and environmental good.

Things we have done

  • Speaking - classrooms, year groups and whole school assemblies.
  • Leadership camps, social justice groups, guiding sustainability leaders.
  • Waste-free mending cafe with students and parents.
  • Fashion Revolution events.
  • Clothes swaps, mending circles.
  • Meditation and mindfulness
  • Business Week facilitators. Running a social enterprise.
  • Staff professional development days

We can be as creative as you like, our aim is to spark as many lights as possible and encourage young and old to believe in the power of the individual to lead peaceful change. We draw on insights from being an established slow clothing brand and social enterprise, working resourcefully to action for planetary well-being. Our work is designed to suit integrative learning approaches, combining areas of curriculum, well-being, community outreach and active service. 

To book The Possibility Project, or to ask a question, please use the contact sheet below. We use the NAVA schedule of fees (plus travel time) for most of our engagements, however, we also volunteer our speaking services to student run initiatives when possible. 

Kim Pearce has 20 years teaching experience inspiring high school thought leaders and changemakers, Kath and Kim facilitate engagements to encourage adaptive mindfulness and action based leadership, they speak on inspired resilience and can work directly with student leaders who want to bring an entrepreneurial approach to restorative justice.