“Happiness is when what you think, say and do are in harmony” Gandhi

At The Possibility Project, we love to share our “Mindset of Possibility”.

We are available to talk to your corporation, your colleagues, your classroom, your teachers, your community groups and your nana.

Our engagements are also used to introduce you to slumwear108, where appropriate we can set up a display of our purposeful products for sale.

The greatest social justice issue in Australia is the rise of poor mental health amongst our population. Through our engagements, we ignite inspiring ways for you to peacefully disrupt the scarcity mindset that is at the root of mental health issues. We will share with you a mindful practise for natural resilience.

creative thinking.transformation.common sense

Inspired by our experiences with slum communities, we have established a social enterprise aimed at uniting people to solve problems by utilising what we have in common with each other. In the absence of material resources we witnessed how creative thinking was not only fundamental to problem solving but also the most renewable, abundant and common sense approach available. We don't believe there is a difference between first world and third world problems.Every human being will face adversity and every human being is capable of overcoming obstacles.When we work together for solutions, the possibilities are magnified.

Our engagements empowers the listener to realise anything is possible.