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“Happiness is when what you think, say and do are in harmony” Gandhi


The Possibility Project is available to share their work with you in a number of engaging ways. Our purpose is to compassionately strengthen the adaptive mindset, and to help you and your groups' own call to action - whatever that may be. 

We encourage you to call us directly and discuss your specific needs. Our engagements are a valuable way you can support our social enterprise and help us widen the audience for social and environmental change, so we love hearing from you.

We are available to come to you for

“It was a wonderful experience for our organisation to learn about the incredible work of Kath Davis and Kim Pearce from The Possibility Project. Our staff felt so inspired and invigorated after hearing how these two amazing women are transforming lives, by seeking out the possibilities and ‘making things happen’. They put complex ideas into a very simple language. We’re all wearing our beautiful hand-made silk beads and slumwear108 designs with pride, knowing we too can make a difference”

Michelle Cull, Media Manager. Queensland Urban Utilities


Or come to us

We have many wonderful offerings within our shop in Wahroonga. Check out our What's On and Calender of Events for all the latest news.

Through our engagements, we ignite inspiring ways for you to peacefully push through the scarcity mindset and allow for your adaptive mindset to shine through. The following video is an uplifting primer for what your mind is in for!