About I-India

I-India is a fully registered charitable NGO established in Jaipur, India.

 I-India's principle mission is to provide basic needs, love and dignified living conditions for children and communities living in extreme poverty. Their vocational education and training program, called Ladli, is designed to help the impoverished gain valuable employment skills and income as a path towards self-determination. Ladli is supported by many different organisations worldwide. 

I-India's Abha and Prabakar

 Abha and Prabhakar Goswami made an inspired choice over 20 years ago to establish I-India. What started off as the delivery of a handful of meals to street children is now an integrated model successfully solving human rights issues at the grassroots level. For an overview of the work of I-India please visit their facebook page.


Our relationship with I-India

I-India - Kath and Ladli

The Possibility Project partners with I-India to create a selection of slumwear108. We feel privileged to be welcomed by the I-India family. We are committed to upholding the creative spirit of this community and work with passion to bring our collaborative efforts to others.  

There is a global debate surrounding trade versus aid as a solution to social justice issues in impoverished areas, our joint partnership is centred on helping to develop socially just trade through the commercial support of I-India’s vocational education and training programs. Our slumwear108 products are hand crafted within programs managed by I-India and all additional support that The Possibility Project provides is governed by what they desire.