Matt Bookillil. Director of Studies – Knox Grammar, Wahroonga. 

Founder of Knox Business Academy.

“Without a dollop of hyperbole, Kim Pearce shifts mindsets of students and adults for the better. Her outstanding communication skills are complemented by her call to action. She is a doer and therefore her message is authentic, rather than hypothetical. Kim lead a group of social entrepreneurs at Knox in 2013 to understand the importance of entrepreneurial thinking in solving seemingly intractable problems, including for a community in India. The boys were captivated and gained new perspectives, insights and ways of thinking. They were desperate to attend lunch time meetings and find out when the next task needed to be completed. She also spoke to Year 10 students form Knox, Ravenswood and Roseville College in late 2014 as part of Australian Business Week. These privileged students, along with adult mentors, were enthralled by her message of abundance (i.e. we have sufficient resources, we simply need to use them creatively).. Her insights are cut-through and refreshingly honest. She imbues positive education principles throughout and is an experienced classroom exponent. I unreservedly recommend Kim Pearce as a speaker, workshop facilitator and as a social entrepreneur proponent”.

Todd Lyons. General Manager. Direct Banking. Commonwealth Bank of Australia

We were so fortunate to have Kim speak to my extended leadership team about The Possibility Project at a team offsite. The objective of the offsite was to discuss and shape a business strategy, what we needed to consider and commit to in order to meet the wide and diverse challenges of business. Kim’s story was so relevant and impactful. It made the team reflect and think differently – what could possibly be achieved without pursuing a traditional approach. It impacted the team professionally and personally. Made us really appreciate the stuff many of us, our family and friends take for granted. It encouraged us to reflect on our individual contribution to society, what we do or could do better and perhaps how to differently support communities and cultures in need. The feedback was incredible about Kim’s authentic story and approach. Kim made a genuine connection to the hearts and minds of many. The Possibility project is a truly amazing concept and an incredibly inspirational story. Congratulations to The Possibility Project on a what could well be a game changing journey for our generation and next.  

Paul Davies. COO & Principal – Banarra, social impact consultancy.  

I have twice had the pleasure of hearing Kath Davis and Kim Pearce talk on changing people’s lives in very challenging social contexts – first listening
to them speak at my daughters youth charity group, and then having them speak to my work colleagues at Banarra, a social impact consultancy. To say Kath and Kim are inspirational speakers is an understatement – they are simply inspirational, period!  Two people who decided not to sit back and hope problems will get fixed, but actually say “what am I capable of doing to help fix these confronting issues myself?”. They convey a refreshing attitude of ‘what’s possible when you put your mind to it’ and I cannot recommend
them enough if you truly want to be motivated to think about the difference we are all capable of making in other people’s lives.

Sheena Joshi – Chair: North Shore Business Women’s Network.  

Senior Partner Atkinson Vinden Lawyers.

We have twice had the absolute pleasure of having Kim Pearce present at meetings of the Chatswood based North Shore Business Women Network.  Both times it was an incredibly positive way to start our day! Kim is amazing, her passion, enthusiasm and belief in the work she is doing with The Possibility Project is inspirational. Kim and her co-founding partner, Kath are certainly changing lives.

Jacqui Landis & Anne Kenyon, FAB  Founders (Friends And Business)

Kim Pearce and Kath Davis have addressed our small business group Friends and Business (FAB) on two occasions and we are always richer because of it.  Their presentation style is inspiring, inclusive and informative as they educate us in both their social justice engagement work with I-India and how they are encouraging and supporting local youth initiatives. A presentation from The Possibility Project always leaves us feeling like we can conquer the world and we look forward to having them back!

Maureen O’Neill – Founder of Possibility Bubbles 

“I’m so glad to have met Kim and Kath and had a chance to learn from them.  They were the key-note speakers at our first function, where they shared both their belief that everything is possible, and how they use that belief to empower and assist people in the field of social justice.  Their simple but powerful message left us all with a real understanding that every one of us can overcome our fears, step up and (in our individual and imperfect ways) make great changes for ourselves and others.  Wisdom, generosity, empowerment – these are the words that spring to mind when I see the truly important work that Kim and Kath do through The Possibility Project.”