Sparrow Sanitation

“Knowing is not enough; we must apply. Willing is not enough; we must do. Goethe

Sparrow sanitation is our way of doing something purposeful for people and planet. When it comes to solving problems we believe that 7 billion people translates into 7 billion creative solutions, we hope you choose to be one of them. Although Sparrow Sanitation is a project we developed to provide sanitation and wellbeing services to various communities, it is the creative mindset we use that we wish to scale. We deliver our engagements  so that people realise the infinite ability they have to turn their ideas into a reality. We offer insight into how the building of Sparrow Sanitation can be applied to any possible project. You can support sparrow sanitation by inviting us to engage with your organisation, through purchases of our slumwear108 products and through collaboration to jointly promote social justice iniatives.

We would like to recognise the unconditional support of Dr Maureen Roach in lighting this dream. And the faith of The Conscious Club, Lush Cosmetics, Peppermint Magazine, Moral Fairground, Mari Pizzinga and Regina Kimpton who just get how to do worthwhile things.

Enjoy our blog on how Sparrow Sanitation got its wings.