We are about restorative justice.


 Restorative justice promotes solutions that create harmony for all people and planet

The Possibility Project is a Sydney-based enterprise founded by Kim Pearce and Kath Davis. We deliver restorative justice through a mindset of social entrepreneurship.We hope to demonstrate how ordinary people can make extraordinary choices using their existing resources. This is our take on restorative justice.

slumwear108 + sparrow sanitation

slumwear108 is our slow clothing label, we believe it's possibility materialised.  We design products of possibility, which are lovingly made through processes that honour the value of both people and planet. slumwear108 demonstrates the power of the circular economy to create what we want with what we already have. We are building our label on a belief that everybody has something to contribute to the wellbeing of people and planet. We approach everything we do through common sense, because what we have in common with one another is far more powerful than what divides us. Just like its makers, every piece of slumwear108 has a story that makes it incredibly unique, and each purchase deepens our ability to serve one another.  


Video of Sparrow Sanitation made by The Conscious Club

The health and well-being of all people is paramount to restorative justice. We co-created sparrow sanitation as a dignified way to provide sanitation and employment opportunities to people living below poverty line in India. Through this collaboration we have gained tremendous insight into the power of conscious living, and we share this mindset to anyone wanting a creative approach to problem solving.