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There are many available forms of mindfulness and meditation, each with some variation to help us expand our consciousness and bring a sense of connectedness to our lives. Mindfulness and meditation is a universal practice to help ease mental, emotional and physical stress, the most valuable part is that it is freely available to everybody, suitable to everybody, and for the most part, just requires intention and breath, very little else! 

crystal cleansing kit

Here at The Possibility Project, we facilitate weekly meditation classes and our teachings are based on insight meditation. We take a topic of general interest, that is, a life theme that we might all associate with, we have a shared 'conversation' regarding how our conditioning, beliefs, cultures and customs might play into our relationship with the theme and we then consciously breathe into accessing insights through our intuitive selves to help us come to ease (rather than dis-ease).

A normal practise takes around 45minutes to an hour, with the emphasis on practice - a daily practice truly helps you to build heart based resilience, insights from within that will help you navigate the ups and downs.

During lockdown - (you might be reading this well after lock-down, currently we are in week one million in Sydney) - we have been offering our classes online via Facebook Live, we have taken topics that feel especially relevant during this period, ones that help you to feel centred and empowered, even if your external world feels anything but! 

common ground

We have shared mindfulness and meditations on the following themes:

Karma: It's your choice


Connect to Your Loving Presence

This Too Shall Pass


Connecting to Inner Peace

Holding Space for well-being

Stress Release

Being on Common Ground

Releasing Your Creative Spirit

Chakra Balancing

These last three meditations are freely available on our FaceBook page The Possibility Project, Sydney. 

Look out for some of our special meditation events when we can gather again in person, our particular favourite is with our friends from The Chai Room, and also check out some of our beautiful meditation products that we have curated to help inspire your practice.

With love

Kath and Kim





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