We.Are.Able Solutions

The Possibility Project encourages entrepreneurial solutions for greater social justice, entrepreneurial activities describe any actions that embrace innovative approaches to problem solving. Innovation does not have to be expensive, technologically driven or time consuming, it can be as simple as individuals and small groups believing in their ability to be powerful change agents - we learnt this from people who live in poverty!

                                                      We. Are. All. Able 

Click on the following resources to learn how you can use social enterprise to solve problems in the fashion industry, how to lead change through social enterprise, how to market a social enterprise and simple attitudes you can choose to make a difference to your world.


                       1. Joining the Fashion Revolution with The Possibility Project

A Fashion Revolution engagement is an invitation to design innovative projects and events that brings awareness to the impact of fast fashion and mass consumerism on people and planet, click below for a detailed resource pack.


                                     2. How to collaborate with The Possibility Project 

Leadership is not about telling people what to do, rather, it's about taking action and being the change you want to see in the world. Watch our video for creative ways you can lead change with us.


                             3. How to market your social enterprise engagement

Click for a presentation on how a social enterprise can deliver the 5 P's of marketing: Product, Price, Place, Promotion and People


           4. The Art of Possibility - C.A.M.P mindset (speaker notes)

The founding principles for everything we do at The Possibility Project. Click on the link for expanded notes on compassion, abundance, mastery and purpose.

If you enjoy these resources and would like to engage further with The Possibility Project, please contact us - we would love to work with you.