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The Indian term for ‘slum’ is Jhuggi, it describes the ability to fashion what you want out of what you already have. slumwear108 imbues the Jhuggi spirit of resourcefulness. One of our passions at The Possibility Project is to tap into our creative mindset and materialise the immense value in resources that already exist.
We use the journey of a slumwear108 product to gently flip mindsets. Each piece is lovingly made with fabrics sourced in India, sometimes new, sometimes preloved, all stitched with pride and dignity at either I-India’s vocational training centre or through a small manufacturer we have a personal connection with. We hope our garments will spark thoughtful conversations on the power of individuals to change the fashion industry.
Please consider that as each product is hand made, they truly have a personality of their own. In some instances, we are supporting vocational training projects and we use recycled materials where possible, so our garments will look thoroughly unique.
Also a special note about our online store, we list a limited number of gorgeous items, most of our products are at our headquarters in Wahroonga, Sydney. If you do not find what you want online, you are most welcome to contact us for a more personal service or follow us on instagram @slumwear108 as we do pop-up all over the place with a wider range!
With Gratitude
Kath and Kim