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The Indian term for ‘slum’ is Jhuggi, it describes the ability to fashion what you want out of what you already have. slumwear108 imbues the Jhuggi spirit of resourcefulness. One of our passions at The Possibility Project is to tap into our creative ‘slum’ and nurture the immense value in the resources we have at hand.
We use the journey of a slumwear108 product to gently flip mindsets. Each piece is lovingly made with fabrics sourced in India, sometimes new, sometimes preloved and stitched with pride and dignity at I-India’s vocational training centres, this is why each product comes with a story that can spark a shift in consciousness. 
Please consider that as each product is made through vocational education they truly have a personality of their own. We are supporting communities that live below poverty line and we use recycled materials where we can. Kath and I are not in the business of changing lives, rather, our intention is to honour the life in everything - which means we embrace the perfect within the imperfect, we hope that you will too. Sales support the social justice work that we deliver both in India and here at home.
Kath and Kim