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L.I.M.U bands - The power of just-us

‘Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful and committed individuals can change the world; indeed, it is the only thing that ever has’  Margaret Mead. ‘Those who cannot change their minds, cannot change a thing’ Bernard Shaw Social justice is created when we expand our ability to realise greater potential whatever community we live in. Through our work to help address sanitation and sustainability issues, we learnt that the two greatest obstacles to changing human behaviour are people's past habits and a belief that as an individual their actions cannot make a difference. This scarcity mindset, which inhibits our ability to change our mind is just as relevant at home when it comes to impacting our mental health and...

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Sari Up - Dignity and Worth for All

Our upcycled sari products are imbued with the dignity of both their former wearers and the incredible people involved in their reimagining. Here is the story behind this beautifully repurposed product. Working with communities in Jaipur is a sensory journey. Stepping out of our comfort and into the slum communities with I-India can be at once joyful, confusing, maddening yet always humbling. We have witnessed the immense potential that comes from non-judgement, something that the extended I-India family have in abundance. It can be difficult remain a witness when so many images pass through your sight, particularly if they trigger a disturbing sense of injustice. Our journey has opened us to the most powerful lesson there is: everybody is worthy of...

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Fabric Beads - The Message of Mastery

‘What the caterpillar calls the end of the world, the Master calls a butterfly’ Richard Bach slumwear108 is dedicated to materialising possibility. Our actions are inspired by incredible individuals who demonstrate a desire to ‘rise above’ their experiences and create greater well being for themselves and others. We have come to witness the power of people who choose to step into their mastery, to believe in their gifts and share them. Santosh, a young adult who we met in one of Jaipur’s poorest slums is a shining example of a master-full individual. At 2 years of age Santosh was ‘crippled’ by the effects of polio, she was orphaned and grew up with the responsibility for an aged grandmother. As a...

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