The Freedom Frock & Love the Skin You're In. A renaissance dress code.

There is a renaissance happening, and it's happening now! There is a definite re-birth of the conditions which allow for the highest expression of people's creativity. Although the mind will do its best to convince you that you don't have what it takes to be creative, if you bring heart to your mind, you will realise that being creative is your natural state of being.

Three years ago, Kath and I were sitting at breakfast in Jaipur, a seed of creativity was germinating between us and I asked Kath "if you were to visualise what slumwear108 might look like, what would it be?" She lightheartedly scribbled the above on a piece of paper. The essence of this conversation greatly influences the way we run our social enterprise - we will never know what we will be doing in three years, but we do know the intention behind our work will always originate from being light hearted. 

The beauty of a working through a time that is so peacefully disruptive is that there are infinite possibilities to make things happen. How liberating that the industrial notion of needing money, qualifications, scalable ideas and established networks to realise your dreams is being augmented with the power of authenticity to drive your vision. Technology allows us to connect our authentic self to the social values of so many organisations. If you believe, like us, the world is user-friendly then there is great power to be had! Three years ago we spent a few hours mocking up fabric beads at Ladli, with little idea of the how, where and what we were creating (we knew the why), last month we were humbled when Flight Centre Foundation approved our beautiful fabric beads as an option on their staff uniforms.

Cyan beads for Fligh Centre - shared value for many.

There has been tremendous achievement between The Possibility Project and Ladli, the vocational training centre we work with, but to say 'we made it' underserves the worth in our purpose. Our work is not about what we make, it is about how we are doing it. The Possibility Project is more about sharing the mindset of creativity rather than the outcome, in this way, our work is closely aligned to the open source, user friendly consciousness that is available to all of us to create whatever we want.

The journey is not without it's ups and downs, we have failures, we have successes but we always come back to the lessons that our slum community in India have taught us about creating with what you already have. Our latest slumwear108 materialises the mindset to help you remember that as a starting point you already have what you need to create what you want. With the help of our talented patternmaker Emily Hundt we have two gorgeous new designs: The Freedom Frock and The Love The Skin You're In dress. 

The Freedom Frock

Love The Skin You're In (back view)

A renaissance is ultimately a re-birth in the way we can perceive possibility. The most valuable 'tool' to harnass possibilty is never the sewing machine or paint brush or computer, but the mindset of the person holding the tools. We experience creative possibility when we decide to love, it is that simple (or hard!). slumwear108 offers you a dress code to help you love your choice into existence. We talk about how possibility is born from the way we respond to what is happening around us, we hope that when people wear a piece of slumwear108 they are reminded that great potential comes from responding with love. 

As always, we are deeply grateful to our supporters, you demonstrate so much faith in our unknown. With your help, we have spent the last few months with the talented Gretchen from Eight Corners getting our webstore in order ( the mindset not the tool remember!), we have been invited to stock a range of products at The Fair Trade Emporium  and we are about to take a road trip to Wanderlust Sunshine Coast

We are also deeply excited to have the screening rights for Landfill Harmonic, a brilliant film that follows the journey of the Recycled Orchestra of Cateura, a Paraguayan musical group that plays instruments made entirely out of garbage. We will be screening in Byron Bay on October 16th, and in Brisbane on October 18th.  As always, we would love help in spreading the word for these events. 

The tagline of Landfill Harmonic says it all 'The world sends us garbage, we send back music'. The film relates so perfectly to our desire to show that possibility is a choice. This film is an opportunity to listen with your heart and see how love can transform every experience on earth. How exciting to be in a time when so much possibility surrounds us and it takes nothing more than love to express it. 

Love Kath and Kim

In the lead up to the festive season we hope to demonstrate that there are wonderful possibilities when it comes to conscious purchasing. We will be attending many markets so hope to see you at one, or please share our webstore to all that may love. K&K. 




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    I simply love the way you are and act

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