Hand sewn talisman: The Sacred Love
Hand sewn talisman: The Sacred Love
Hand sewn talisman: The Sacred Love

The Possibility Project

Hand sewn talisman: The Sacred Love

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Approximately 45cm hanging.  Main body 7cm x 9cm. Note as each are hand made, measurement can vary slightly from image shown

These exquisite talismans are hand-made by our talented friend Dorylyn from Arkansas, describing her work as an upcycler with a bohemian finesse - she is also warm-hearted, compassionate and angelic, all of these qualities are woven into her work.

These offerings are made on 1900 USA bank bags! 

Talismans are traditionally used to remind the wearer / bearer of the connection of soul to spirit. These beautifully hand-crafted pieces can be worn or styled your own way, or as part of a devotional space in your home. These are the perfect gift to remind friends of their own beauty and creative spirit.

We use ours as part of our altar to promote 'sacred activism', which is the joining of your passion to know the divine, with your desire to create a just world, and in this joining you enable a 'third fire' within - the heart-fire of love in action. 

(the cross, the peace sign, the sacred heart)