Nurturing the spirit of festivals (and slums).

Through our work with I-India, we have embraced the richest part of this journey, joining any Indian festival we can (trust us, there are many!). Holi, which is a true festival of colour and belonging to one tribe is an extraordinary show of playfulness. The joy of festivals reflect the essence of our work, it is why we describe this website as a  playground for social justice.
We are always thrilled to attend markets and festivals, our community stall imbues the spirit of resourcefulness and a sense of belonging to something greater than self.  Drawing on our experiences in building slumwear108  we are often invited to spread our ideas and products of creative social justice. The Possibility Project is built on the shared economy, our enterprise is inspired by the people and their physical dwellings in India who live by utilising everything around them. When we asked Sydney artisan Peter Stibilj if he could build a ‘humpie’ stall out of re-purposed materials, Pete generously shared his skills, materials and most importantly his talent as a carpenter! Our local artist friend Tannya Harricks kindly painted our slumwear sparrow logo. And our stall is filled with slumwear108 products that imbue the resourcefulness of human beings.
Our work is dedicated to promoting greater social justice in our world, this simply means creating conditions where everybody, regardless of what community they live in, live their fullest life. All our engagements, whether it is at a festival or in a boardroom, brings an awareness to the immense value that lies within resources that are often impossible to measure, like the human spirit. We want people to understand the true cost of how we make things and the true value of who is making them. At the heart of this is the recognition that everybody has innate skills and gifts to offer. We have materialised this belief to nurture the potential in everything around us.
The slumwear108 freedom frock under the peacemaker jacket
“Freedom of the mind requires not only, or not even especially, the absence of constraints but the presence of alternative thoughts.The most successful tyranny is not the one that uses force to assure uniformity, but the one that removes awareness of other possibilities” Allan Bloom.
We have come to witness that freedom is a state of mind. Regardless of what you have around you, unless you have an inner sense of self worth, fundamental to believing that anything is possible, you will limit your sense and expression of freedom. The Possibility Project carries with it a message that aims to unite communities – the greatest resource we have as human beings is our creative spirit  – this force, when accepted unconditionally creates change in our communities, because it allows for the smallest seeds to grow into abundant harvests.
The L.I.M.U festival product
One of the greatest obstacles to change is that people get attached to habits and routines that limit a belief in possibility. We hope to demonstrate that by embracing the worthiness in each other, we will shift a scarcity consciousness into a mindful one. All great festivals have rituals within them, Kent Nerburn observed that ‘ritual is routine infused with mindfulness. It is a habit made holy’ . Through our presence and products we love to bring a ritual of kindness, creativity and worthiness to the festivals and slums. We hope you enjoy being a part of our journey and much as we enjoy bringing it to you.

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