Nurture possibility: Embrace the mystery not the myth.

Social Justice is created when we nurture engagements that realise the fullness of any experience. When The Possibility Project talks about ‘fullness’, we talk about using every resource we have to create outcomes that demonstrate both material and non-material benefits, seen and unseen. We want all exchanges to reflect as much wealth and worth as possible, we named our label slumwear108 for this very purpose, to bring to life the potential of a situation by demonstrating the joy that also exists within the darkness.

One of the greatest lessons we have mastered through our collaborative work with communities that live below poverty line, was to remove judgement of what we had initially believed possible with the resources we had. This was not a simple task for a former economics teacher! For twenty years I had bought the myth that all economic resources were limited in relation to our needs. Paradoxically, it was only by moving from a space of comfort and the known and into the mystery of India that I realised how limited my education had been. Proving that the imagination of humans is far more valuable than their knowledge.

Let go of the myths

Much of our work at The Possibility Project is about helping people disrupt their limited mindsets and embrace abundance. We must go beyond the myths, some were told to keep us safe but others have been told to keep us conditioned and in a place that suits convention. Myths have such a stronghold on our existence that we mistake them for truths. We start to believe there are limits on what we can be, do and create. One of the most pervasive myths surround the need for time and money to create change in our world, or we need to be a certain gender, class or income group to have a choice in our life, and this becomes our reality.

I-India school for the impoverished. Imagination is more important than knowledge.

Our journey with below poverty communities has meant re-writing the myth that these people ‘have nothing’! They have the one essential belief that is needed to create change, they believe they have what it takes to change their situation, this is the only starting point needed for change. It does not matter what community you live in, if you have bought into the myth that you do not have a choice to change something, then you are not able to live your ‘fullest’ life.

Meditation - a space to embrace the mystery

Our tool for opening our imagination has been meditation. A practise, that when delivered in service will take you to a space that is much greater than self. You realise your own magnificence and worth. By meditating on enough, I am enough, we have enough, Kath and I have cracked open so many opportunities that would otherwise have been lost to a fear of scarcity. It is all about belief: where we put our beliefs and intentions our experiences followed.


Our core beliefs at The Possibility Project

Believing in your self worth is all about embracing the mystery, the unknown, the immeasurable, the unseen and the untested. It is not something that necessarily comes ’naturally’ as we get older because we start to believe the myths and hold them as truths – ‘I am no good at this, I do not have anything to offer, someone else holds power over me’.  This is where the act of surrender is so powerful – To surrender is to give up the myth and walk into the mystery of ‘why not’. Meditation is a powerful space to be present and simply witness everything around without judgement, when you sit in this space of ‘why not’ and mystery then anything is possible.

“At any given moment you have the power to say ‘This is not how the story is going to end’ Millar

Every week we are sent images and receive messages from I-India that hold such beautiful reminders that if we are going to create greater social justice we must go beyond the stories and myths we hold. I-India work tirelessly to address some of the worst human rights abuses on earth, the picture above so poignantly illustrated the power of the ‘why not’ attitude – these children have been rescued from some of the worst conditions of hard labour – walking upright and straight past the ‘No Exit’ sign and into a life of greater possibility with I-India’s help. We can believe the myth that these children have no hope, no skills and no future, or we can challenge the whole scarcity mindset, re-write the story and believe that we have what it takes to make the changes we want, when we do challenge the scarcity mindset we will live the fullness that life has to offer.


We offer beautiful group meditation sessions as part of our innovative engagements. We welcome all enquiries. 

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  • Ania

    I sooo loved reading about your work here, especially how you integrate mindfulness and empowerment. I look forward to following on. x

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