For What It's Worth

If we are to experience the possibility within every human condition then we must nurture a mindset of true worthiness, in the seen and unseen. Although it is simple to recognise the value in known quantities, ‘it’s only real if it can be measured’- is a narrow belief that cripples the potential for growth in our homes, work spaces and communities. Imagine what Real GDP, the barometer of a nations economic health would look like if it included the impact of kindness and shared joy between each other.

Our work is about scaling the mindset of possibility, rather than scaling our slumwear108 range made through vocational training programs in the slums of Jaipur. Conventional business practise would focus on selling product to leaverage purpose. We like to peacefully do the opposite! As our purpose is about disrupting mindsets to nurture restorative justice, we are attempting to do the unconventional, to build an enterprise on ‘nothing’ and demonstrate the worthiness in that. Nothing in this instance means valuing resources that are immeasurable.

In our presentations we talk about the journey from a scarcity mindset into an entrepreneurial mindset, sharing insights gathered from individuals who are always working for a greater purpose. One of the most powerful attitudes that enables the realisation of worth in every situation is gratitude. Although gratitude is a belief that you already have what it takes to create what you want, practicing this not only solves our greatest problems, but completely transforms them.There is a difference.

Gratitude builds imaginative capacity. Gratitude is what created the expereince above,  attending an Indian wedding, wearing slumwear108, next to the makers. There is nothing that can truly measure the impact of our capacity to imagine, but our common sense knows it is a freely available resource ( simply observe children playing), it also knows it is the source of all new ideas, essential capacity building measures for any project. 

‘Serving requires us to know that our humanity is more powerful than our expertise” Remen.


Gratitude is at the heart of everything we do at The Possibility Project, this trust in the unknown and immeasurable qualities, not only means it is difficult to put a price on things, we often don’t want to, because it can limit potential. What we do know is that we are growing with the contributions of so many talented individuals, both here at home, like our pattern maker Emily Hundt and web designer Gretchen Oris Chong and of course our incredible workers in Jaipur. Because we engage in a mindset of gratitude, which is the ultimate belief in enough, the outcomes reflect so much more than a persons ‘expertise’, they outwardly shine the potential of humanity and this for us is what restorative justice is about. The worth in every human being shining beyond their surface.

We love to engage with organizations and share our products and projects through our mindset talks. Please contact us for further information.


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