Hand made with Love - Marine Navy Blue Clog Shoes
Hand made with Love - Marine Navy Blue Clog Shoes

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Hand made with Love - Marine Navy Blue Clog Shoes

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Shoes made with love, individually handmade, vegetable dyed leather, cork based sandal with a suede footbed, delightfully comfortable and stylish. 

BOSABO selects premium and natural materials and is also a passionately eco-conscious brand, working with local & green suppliers in order to minimise its footprint on the environment.

For five generations, the Audouin family has had an extensive tradition of crafting quality clogs. It began in 1890 with Emile Audouin, who would travel from farm to farm in the Mauges region of France hand carving clogs. It was in the 1920's that his passion was transferred to his son, who took advantage of new machinery that allowed the process to be brought into the studio he established in St. Remy, Mauges. In 1959, Joseph Audouin took on the company and abandoned the traditional process and began to create more fashionable styles consisting of leather uppers and classic wooden soles. In 1988, Joel Audouin was given control after attending the AFPIC (an institute for professional training of shoemakers including the study of foot anatomy). He modernized the business while keeping the traditional processes established by his father.