"Emergence" Creative Wellbeing Workshop. October 16th, 10am - 1pm

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"Emergence" Creative Wellbeing Workshop. October 16th, 10am - 1pm

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A time for growth? A time for change?

A new way of living, that perhaps seems strange.

What’s been passed …. where to from here?

Slowly emerging, which direction to veer? 

Maybe we’ve opened a brand-new door, from the way in which we lived before?

Or been shown a road, a new way to be……. A road of possibility.


Like a Butterfly emerging from its Cocoon, in many ways we are leaving behind the old and entering ……the new……the different.
How are you sitting in this new space? Perhaps you feel relieved, rejuvenated, rested, hesitant, fearful, re-engaged, unsure, or ready for change...

Perhaps you have been reflecting on what’s passed and what’s to come? During this slower pace, has something come up or emerged that you would like to explore further? Do you just feel different and would like to explore that?

Whatever you are experiencing, I would love you to take the time to connect to your creativity and allow your inner intuitive self to emerge. The process of emergence allows something to become visible for exploration, which in turn encourages us to grow and move forward. Through the process of art making, journaling and sensory reflection, allow yourself space to create, make, listen and explore.

No previous art experience is necessary, just bring an open heart and mind.
All individual materials, tea/snacks are provided and numbers will be small to allow for maximum nurturing and physical distancing.
Come along and allow yourself to express from your “heART”. Looking forward to sharing a beautiful space with you soon.
0411047816 (please call if you have any questions)