Courageous Communications Workshop.  Friday 7th August.  10am - 12Midday
Courageous Communications Workshop.  Friday 7th August.  10am - 12Midday

Belinda Winter Consulting

Courageous Communications Workshop. Friday 7th August. 10am - 12Midday

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Communication now more than ever is an art not a science.

Life has shifted rapidly to virtual operations - where texting, emailing, zooming, webexing has now become the daily grind, and that’s just with family, let alone work colleagues!  Working and living remotely has also given a new context to isolation which brings its own communication challenges.

Our Courageous Communications workshop will enable you to navigate our rapidly changing work-life environment and help create positive outcomes by elevating what are often complex (and sometimes avoided) conversations. 

This small and connected workshop will focus on key aspects to enhance communication for the better, including handling conflict conversations, negotiation and those micro communication skills that can make all the difference to your life.

Facilitated by Belinda Winter, who is a HR, Mediation and Communications Consultant, participants will enjoy two hours of Belinda's depth of experience across mediation, facilitation and communication. This workshop is designed for anybody wanting to explore ways to refine their communication skills to enhance personal and professional relationships.

Date :  Friday 7th August, 10am - 12Midday                                 

Cost: $80 includes light refreshment. 

Location: The Possibility Project 

                Shop 3 29/31 Redleaf Avenue, Wahroonga. 2076

Questions: Please contact Belinda on 0418 229 192 if you have any questions.

Refunds: Owing to the nature of Covid19 regulations, you will receive a full refund if the Government mandates that a public gathering cannot take place.