Art therapy and journaling workshop with Space to Express. Finding Purpose. Friday July 22, 10-1.00pm.

Space To Express

Art therapy and journaling workshop with Space to Express. Finding Purpose. Friday July 22, 10-1.00pm.

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“The meaning of life is to find your gift, the purpose of life is to give it away” –       Pablo Picasso

                                                     “What’s My Purpose?”

Art Therapy workshop with Julianne Ashworth (registered art therapist and counsellor) around the theme - Finding Purpose. 

Everyone has something to offer – sometimes it’s clear, sometimes it takes time to unfold and realise; and sometimes we just “feel” a sensation that we aren’t where we are meant to be, or there might be something “more or different” we are meant to be doing. Sometimes we “forget” what it is that brings us joy, excitement or we were drawn to as a child, which is where the seat of our offering often begins to seed.

Sometimes our purpose is purely an offering of self – as you are - which others can see but might still be hidden to you.

In this workshop, through visualisation, mindfulness and intention, enjoy playing in creativity and journaling to see what unfolds for you. Your purpose holds the central motivating aims of your life, it can help guide your life decisions, assist in discovering a more rewarding life and create a sense of meaning.

Whether it’s a time to give up, give in, give back or give away, take some time to be present, connect and allow your intuition and creative expression to guide you on a path of awareness and discovery. See what you are drawn to, open up to joyful curiosity, make marks, journal, map…... whatever feels right in connecting and creating, as you explore “purpose” and what it means to you. It might be your “today” purpose – it might be your “life” purpose!

There is no right or wrong path – just your path. Wherever you are, you’re meant to be and whatever “purpose” means, is right for you.


  • No previous art experience is necessary, just bring an open heart and mind.
  • All individual materials, tea/snacks are provided.
  • Numbers will be small to allow for maximum nurturing.

Looking forward to sharing a beautiful space with you soon.

The Possibility Project Shop. Shop 3 29/31 Redleaf Avenue. Wahroonga 2076
For more information contact Julianne 0411047816 or Kim Pearce on 0400274676.