Say the Possible

Future Fashion. Our VIVID2018 event. MCA, Sydney

'Namaste'...... the only word we have in common with the people we work with in India. Loosely meaning, the creative in me recognises the creative in you. We have built our programs and products by translating this one word into a very simple language of possibility. We love sharing this language with others, as it is one that can join diverse cultures, ideas, beliefs, genders, religions and agendas, so that collaborative change making can happen.

Our speaking engagements are perfect for any group looking to ‘peacefully disrupt' the language we use to communicate and relate to each other. It allows for the dissolving of mental limitations and nurtures a belief that ordinary people can make extraordinary choices.

We have shared our speaking engagements to a diverse range of people, all with wonderful feedback.

 It was a wonderful experience for our organisation to learn about the incredible work of Kath Davis and Kim Pearce from The Possibility Project. Our staff felt so inspired and invigorated after hearing how these two amazing women are transforming lives, by seeking out the possibilities and ‘making things happen’. They put complex ideas into a very simple language. We’re all wearing our beautiful hand-made silk beads and slumwear108 designs with pride, knowing we too can make a difference”          

 Michelle Cull, Media Manager. Queensland Urban Utilities

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