Handmade Brooch Pin - Pink Protea
Handmade Brooch Pin - Pink Protea

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Handmade Brooch Pin - Pink Protea

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Symbolising transformation, diversity and courage, the Pink Protea is named after the Proteus, the son of Poseidon. This beautiful cup-shaped flower stands tall on a sturdy stem with oval leaves in contrasting green colours.

Cotton, Felt, Metal & Beads: Hand embroidered. Handmade in India.

Protea was named and classified in 1735 by Carl Linnaeus, the Swedish botanist and father of modern taxonomy. He gave the proteaceae family its name after the Greek deity Proteus. A primordial god of the seas, Proteus personifies the elusive nature of the ever-changing nature of the sea. Linnaeus saw resonance between this mythical idea of a shape-shifting divinity and the enormous diversity of form within this plant family, which comprises over 1500 species.